You know, when I write about how often Christians abuse LGBTQ people, especially young people, I get a lot of pushback.

I’ll write about evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons running conversion therapy programs that harm kids.

I’ll write about churches and church schools filling queer kids with shame.

I’ll write about how homophobic people almost always learn their toxic views in church.

I’ll write about shockingly high LGBTQ youth suicide rates.

I’ll write about religious beliefs causing high rates of LGBTQ youth homelessness.

And you know how Christians almost always respond? They tell me the people doing those things aren’t Christians. Or that they aren’t all Christians. Or that they aren’t most Christians. Or that they aren’t good Christians.

Or they dispute what is actually going on. Or they defend the practices.

But you know what I never hear? And by never I mean maybe I’ve heard it three or four times in four years of public writing with a pretty large following on some platforms.

I don’t hear, “I’m sorry. You’re right. We Christians must do better.”

I just don’t hear that. I think you’re hitting some nails right on the head with this piece.

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