You know, something most of the media is getting wrong about this story is claiming Pope Francis is “offering” marriage by another name to LGBTQ people.

He is not.

He is proposing that the Catholic Church support a second-class form of civil union to LGBTQ people that does not include the right to adopt children.

He is also implicitly asserting the Church’s right to meddle in civil affairs.

This is particularly troubling in Latin America where LGBTQ people suffer terribly at the hands of a politically powerful, persecuting Church. Francis’s proposal nails that oppressive system into place.

That’s hardly surprising given that when he was a cardinal in Argentina, he fought tooth and nail to stop real legal civil marriage for LGBTQ people, using harsh language that included calling same-sex civil marriage satanic.

He has not changed his position.

It’s discouraging that major media are getting this story so wrong. Here is my in-depth analysis: