You know, one of the biggest grievances these Michigan protesters have is that the governor’s order prohibits them from coming up here to the north of the state where I live to their summer cottages.

Talk about selfish.

The small cities and towns up here are already affected by covid-19. We only have small hospitals without much staff and resources and they are already full.

Even the tiny village where I live we have had people go to the hospital by ambulance because they were so ill from covid-19.

The nearest small city to me barely has an ICU in its small hospital.

The next closest hospital does not have an ICU.

The population up here during peak summer season doubles from downstate vacation travelers.

And now that almost nobody in the state is working, lots of people want to come up here now.

They’re complaining that they have a constitutional right to do that. But this is an emergency and we all have to think about resources and taking care of ourselves.

If the virus starts to spread up here as fast as down state we’re in big trouble. I don’t know why people have such a hard time understanding that.

At least the governor gets it.

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