Yes! Medium is a network, a community of communities.

I set aside two hours every day to thoughtfully read stories and engage with them — just for the purpose of supporting other writers. That’s probably more time than most people have, but I’m sure we can all devote SOME time to supporting one another.

Needing money is a universal human condition. I have no qualms with people making money, especially when it intersects with writing really great stories. We Americans do have a certain built-in reticence to talking about money, though.

When we do, some people are apt to be offended or react badly. I guess a balance needs to be struck between recognizing those sensitivities and being up front and transparent.

I think you’re doing it pretty well, though for myself, I probably would never publicly write about how much money I make from the Partner Program other than in generalities like, “I do pretty well, making more than I would have thought I would.”

I’m probably one of those people who’ve internalized ideas that talking about money isn’t quite “done.” You know.

But we’re all different and that’s fine! Do you. :-)

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