Wow. First, how very strange a school district would contract with a church to do sex education classes.

Second, how very strange a church would offer its services in that capacity. Evidently, they were unable to do so in a way that met the needs of all students.

It’s almost as if a church decided to contract out its expertise in … oh, I don’t know, party hosting or something equally irrelevant and perhaps even contrary to usual church practice.

Heck, when I was in 9th grade, back when dinosaurs roamed, our gym teacher did sex ed, and he took anonymous questions on slips of paper.

His eyebrows rose dramatically when he saw one, but he gamely read it out loud. “Is it OK for boys to feel the same way about boys that most boys feel about girls?”

He answered with a low and firm voice. “It’s perfectly OK, and it’s perfectly normal. Lots of boys and men are gay, even though they sometimes get bullied for it.”

I know that doesn’t sound particularly affirming, but for the late 70s it was pretty damn progressive. I shudder to think how a church educator would have answered my anonymous question.

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