Works a bit the same way in the gay world. The stereotype is that gay men are all about big dicks. You’d especially think that if you watch a lot of porn.

But I’ve known gay guys who are abnormally endowed but don’t find themselves particularly blessed.

In fact, my reaction might have been a bit off putting the first time I saw a friend of mine unveil after a hot make out session. I already knew he was huge just from the bulge in his fashionable boxer briefs.

When he whipped them down, I said, “Honey, you gotta be kidding me. All I can say is you better be a bottom.”

In retrospect, I could have been a lot more sensitive. I figured he was proud of his dick. I mean it was certainly impressive.

But apparently my reaction was one that he was not unaccustomed to, and it made him anxious. I ended up apologizing and showing him as best I could that everything was fine.

Just goes to show how life and porn are pretty different sometimes!

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