Without the protection of the federal courts, we have a struggle of a lifetime ahead of us. It is very likely that we are going to go back to a situation in which some parts of the United States are legally friendly to LGBTQ people and some are hostile.

Just take Texas. If that state has its political way, LGBTQ people would have no protection in employment housing, education, or healthcare. Living there would be similar to being Jewish and living in Germany in the 1930s.

Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court is not acceptable. A hyper-conservative Supreme Court is not acceptable. The American people in no way support the ideas held by vicious people like Barrett, Alito, and Thomas.

We must not accept this. Presuming that Biden and Harris win the election, Americans of good will have their work cut out. Biden will oppose restructuring the Supreme Court. Count on it. Harris will fall in line with him. Count on it.

If they win the election, we must be prepared to hold their feet to the fire and demand, real, substantive profound, systemic change.

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