What’s most surprising about all this is that Brad doesn’t even acknowledge he is in a minority of all United Methodist ministers in the United States.

He doesn’t even acknowledge that mainstream Methodist theologians very much reject the idea that the passages in the New Testament he’s talking about even refer to homosexuality.

Some people are surprised by this, but historians, linguists, and historical critical biblical scholars are pretty united about rejecting traditional readings.

I’m not surprised that Evangelical preachers and others don’t go along with that, but the United Methodists are a different kettle of fish. Their ministers are highly educated and are expected to stay current with biblical scholarship.

Additionally, controversy over the past couple of years in which overseas United Methodists tried to force the general assembly into the so-called traditional plan, hardening opposition to same-sex marriage and gay ministers, has sharply focused Methodist attention on these matters.

It’s unconceivable that Brad is not up to date. So his letter strikes me as deeply dishonest. He is ignoring that he is in a small minority of American United Methodists, that most United Methodist in the United States believe he’s wrong.

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