What a twist.

I was expecting to read a story about coming out, dealing with the important psychological ramifications of accepting one’s queerness. I did read that, of course, but I did not expect the libido twist.

Interesting, because I have some experience with it.

My gay partner and I raised a child beginning around the turn of the millennium, and he experienced his own sexuality somewhat like yours. At 17, he also still looked like a child.

An illness had not destroyed his pituitary gland, but his growth hormone and testosterone levels were abnormally low.

Talk about being confused about sexual orientation! He also experienced low libido and didn’t know what to make of things.

Living in a queer family in a city where queerness was taken for granted, he still stressed about it, maybe underlining how far we have to go yet with public acceptance.

Our foster son eventually worked out for himself that he’s straight, once his libido kicked in and he was able to examine his attractions better. So, he didn’t have the coming out struggle like you did.

Which is also something to think about.

I’m happy you’ve come to terms. Congratulations on coming out, and so publicly. Congratulations on finding such a lovely, accepting partner.

I wish you both the very best!

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