we cannot live in a society like that because it’s not just a difference of opinion to oppose the full human and legal equality of lgbtq people. It’s atrocious, horrifying and evil. The opinions this young man held were disgusting and obnoxious, not different in such a neutral way that made them worthy of respect.

Let’s call a bigot a bigot and not make excuses for evil people. One of the main reasons we LGBTQ people don’t have a equality as human beings is because so many folks “respect” and tolerate evil ideas.

A society that tolerates this young man’s evil beliefs is not a society that I wish to live in.

I will fight his evil until my last breath. And I hope that other good and decent people will join me.

I am certainly not glad that he’s dead but I am joyful to his voice is now silent because his voice was horrifying.

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