Very much so.

I find a problem to be particularly persistent in the United States, where certain political ideologies hold the common good of society in a certain amount of disdain.

Many white people especially on the political right are so certain that only individual motivation and action matter, that they simply will not look any further than beyond the end of their own noses.

So they cannot or will not see systemic and institutional racism, much less recognize their own personal responsibility.

I often see the same thing when it comes to homophobia and transphobia, by the way. People can be so offended to have it pointed out to them that their attitudes and actions are intrinsically homophobic. they just shut down, complaining about how they have gay friends or whatever. Even while defending discriminatory institutions or laws.

What’s the solution?

Just keep on keepin on, I suppose. Keep raising the issues. Keep talking. Keep writing.

That’s all I got, anyway. Sigh.

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