Trump’s alliance with evangelical Christians is truly frightening, Phaylen Fairchild. I could not agree more.

The evangelicals I know are celebrating the embassy move as bringing us “one step closer to the Second Coming.” Not one of them has said a word about the consequences in human lives.

Just this morning, by the way, I published a story about Trump’s latest move in his war on transgender people.

This time, he’s ordered the Federal Bureau of Prisons to routinely house trans women with men.


Evangelical Christians want it that way, of course.

Why Alicia was Raped

I see all this happening and I ask myself how all the Bernie supporters feel, the ones who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary in the general election.

We’ve got a power-hungry sociopath in the Oval Office now who’ll ally himself with anyone on any issue so long as it props him up.

Minorities like LGBTQ people are the first to suffer, but I’m sure we won’t be the last.

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