Tris, I think we need to be cautious and keep an eye open for backsliding, but I doubt Chick-fil-A will be contributing to any more explicitly anti-LGBTQ charities.

While the boycott hasn’t hit them hard in the areas where their restaurants are popular, they’re having a hard time expanding outside the American South.

They particularly covet markets in the UK and the EU, where people have been very turned off by their anti-LGBTQ corporate giving. Their first and only UK location is closing due to loud public protests.

I won’t be eating at Chick-fil-A, because I don’t trust them and because they don’t have any restaurants up here in the Frozen North, but I’m really happy to see that public pressure forced change. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is going to miss that money. A lot. And that’s a win.

Now on to pressuring Chick-fil-A to get on board the equality wagon with HR policies!

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