Toxic masculinity and sexism ooze from the air we breathe. It’s very difficult to separate ourselves from our culture, and I don’t think anyone is immune.

Perhaps the best we can do is work to be aware.

I posted a story just the other day about how LGBTQ people need to stop using sexist language, writing about how a recent story of mine had elicited an avalanche of sexist pejoratives as comments, from gay men mostly, but also from lots of other LGBTQ people.

I got a pretty angry response to that piece from a self-described queer woman who took me to task for not admitting the issue is strictly a gay male problem rather an LGBTQ problem.

But, you know, I see sexism across the gender and sexual orientation spectrum all the time. And while gay men are certainly a big part of that, so are other queer people.

We all have our work cut out for us, I think.

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