Those are excellent questions, and ones BBC News management seem not to have considered before announcing their new policy about journalists not engaging in politically controversial activity. Management has issued more “clarifications” since last Friday and begins to appear that they are finding the policy unenforceable in the general sense.

The trouble is they are responding to serious pressure from the Johnson government accusing them of leftist political bias. I do understand their difficult position.

But that doesn’t mean I approve of their measures, however moderate they try to make them.

Practically, trans BBC journalists now find themselves in a very tough spot. They are going to have to make tough calls about how open to be. If London Pride happens next year, for example, BBC have clarified that attending is OK. Even marching is OK most of the time. But not all of the time. If a hypothetical BBC trans journalist marches with a group supporting trans people’s right to transition-related health care, BBC News may deem that politically controversial and discipline the reporter.

Unacceptable. For all the reasons I’ve already laid out.

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