This whole parade business thing really showed that Trump never bothered to understand the military people he courted.

Of course we hate parades! That’s just such a basic truism. The fact that Trump wasn’t able to figure that much out, when it’s such an easy thing to figure out, just goes to show how many big things he must have got wrong.

And, you know, the senior generals and admirals who wield great power are super highly educated. These guys have studied history, politics, and military strategy to the PhD level. They aren’t some tin hat soldiers, they’re some of the most highly educated and serious professionals in the United States.

And besides being highly educated, they have reached their positions because they are highly responsible and serious people who have demonstrated for decades their ethos of service and self-sacrifice.

The idea that a fool and dictator wannabe like Trump could influence these guys is almost laughable.

What really is laughable is that he apparently sincerely believed he could.

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