This is so discouraging, yet your words resonate with me because I see the same things happening where I live in rural Michigan.

People do and say exactly what you’re reporting. They won’t wear masks, and they get angry with people like me who do. They want to live in a fantasy, and they will not respond favorably when risk to others is brought up. They dig their heels in instead.

I have a fantasy too.

I have a fantasy in which the United States had a thoughtful, intelligent, responsible leader when covid19 struck. Liberal? Conservative? Who cares.

In my fantasy that leader sat down virtually with the nation every day and went over sensible steps we could all take to reduce virus transmission and keep our economy roaring as best as we could.

In my fantasy, far fewer people died and far fewer businesses suffered devastating losses. Far fewer of my neighbors lost their jobs.

Outside my fantasy, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the reality, because of how irrational it is.

I doubt now much is going to change even if Biden is sworn in as president. It’s too late. People have decided how they are going to behave.

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