This is really important. I guess as a writer, it doesn’t make as much difference to me because I publish most stories in a publication with my name as the title. (Modest much, Jimbo?)

But my reading experience? I read a bunch of stories every morning because of who wrote them. Because Medium is a community.

I don’t come here to get my news, absorb relationship advice, or learn about cryptocurrency. (Seriously, does anyone know anyone in real life who gives a flip about cryptocurrency?)

I come here because (for me) Medium is a collection of really good writing by people I have come to know a little bit. Care to guess how many times I click on an article by somebody who isn’t part of my usual Medium network?

Let’s just say I do that only a handful of times a day so I can try to expand my network.

I don’t think I’m at all an outlier. I think most people use Medium that way. I think most people want to use Medium that way. Part of the value here is the intimacy in the reading experience, becoming familiar with writers and getting that much more out of the experience because of it.

I hope and pray Medium does not take that away from us.

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