Thanks for sharing that! I appreciate your perspective so much, particularly as a former HIV activist and educator.

I’m sure you already understand that the HIV in your bloodstream can be reduced to undetectable levels, meaning that your immune system will not become compromised and that you won’t be able to pass on the virus to others.

In a sense, so long as you take your meds on schedule and keep up with regular visits to your doctor for blood work and evaluation, you’re sort in between having a disease and not having a disease.

Since you (presumably from what I read in your story) began antiretroviral treatment very soon after exposure, your treatment should be very effective with few complications.

Do you read Poz magazine?

It’s an excellent resource, by the way.

I wish you the very best in your journey and in your quest to live without stigma.


P.S. Wanna lay odds that treatment to viral eradication won’t happen within your lifetime?;-) I know plenty of researchers who are pretty sure it will!

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