Thank you, Victoria, Yes. I try to avoid bringing up the Church’s history of sexual abuse when I talk about their shameful treatment of LGBTQ people, because I feel that such a tact may reflect more on corrupt individuals than on systemic and intentional abuse.

I’m calling out systemic and intentional persecution. The Catholic Church weaponizes shocking language against us on purpose, as a matter of formal and thought-out policy — which they take pains to rigorously defend.

The Pope doesn’t retract the language, because he believes in it. He’s made that abundantly clear, especially last week when he denounced queer families.

You raise an excellent point about poverty and poor children, though.

I wonder why the Pope talks about justice for poor children while his cathedrals and other churches drip with priceless art.

I haven’t heard of any of it being put on the auction block to feed the poor.

Now that’s systemic.

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Writer. Runner. Marine. Airman. Former LGBTQ and HIV activist. Former ActUpNY and Queer Nation. Polyglot. Middle-aged, uppity faggot.

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