Sun over Santorini chapter alert —

The group seemed relieved and happy when we left them in Athens, but tension is mounting. They’re almost bickering. Juliette isn’t into the whole Greek, “Cradle of Civilization” trope, and Dima’s inner conflict is surfacing. Are they starting to pull apart, or will things settle down?

Author’s Notes:

My own observations on the Acropolis mirrored Mark’s the first time I visited. I didn’t realize that the Parthenon was a temple built to the scale of Olympic-sized gods. It was so much more giant than I’d imagined.

The National Archeological Museum is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. Their collection of Classical and Archaic Greek statuary and other art is stunning. The bronzes the gang look at in the chapter really do take the breath away. I immediately thought of Narnia the first time I saw them. It felt has if Aslan had already breathed on them and they were about to quiver to life.

Ian’s comment about the undersized endowment of one of the men is based on my own amusement about Ancient beauty ideals. Smallish phalluses were common on male sculpture, and scholars tell us that smaller was beautiful by the standards of the time.

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