Sun over Santorini chapter!

Mykonos at night feels wrapped in a blanket of stars. Impossibly romantic. Until it isn’t anymore. Dima has a lot to think about as his rendezvous with fate pulls in closer and closer. An encounter with wealthy Australian farmers triggers another wave of bitter self doubt. Will drowning his anxiety in alcohol become a crutch?

Author’s Notes:

Felix the giant poodle was real. He really did belong to a Parisian jeweler and was a legendary fixture on Mykonos of that era. The island was already becoming the stomping grounds of the rich and famous, though not to the extent that it has become today. It was still affordable and fairly egalitarian.

Stu the farmer/rancher was real too. I encountered him and his wheat and wool buddies one summer in Mykonos.

The stars above the Aegean are indescribably remarkable. They pulse, glow and writhe. The photo I’ve chosen doesn’t half do them justice.

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