‘Sun over Santorini’ alert!

The night after Ian has sex with Juliette, Dima wakes to a rude and frightening shock. Will this change everything? It certainly seems to change Dima’s mind about who he is and what he’s doing in Greece.

Author’s Notes:

Back in the 80s, the area around the windmills on Mykonos was a well known gay cruising spot. I had originally planned to have Ian or Dima discover that, but the way things worked out, I’d have had to jam it into the plot pretty artificially. It may be interesting to the story that they’re on the “gayest” of the Cyclades islands, and neither of them seems to realize that fact. As things stand, Dima doesn’t experience his strong attraction for Ian as an identity. He doesn’t think of himself as gay, and he might be surprised to find out that Ian does. But since they never talk about their love for one other, they still have a lot to learn about each other.

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