‘Sun Over’ Chapter Alert!

Ian, Dima, Mark and Juliette have made it to Greece. Athens is an unusual experience for all of them, in different ways, but at least they’re safe in the twisted, crowded, smoggy streets. Or are they?

Author’s Notes:

Greece of the 1980s was quite a different experience for American and European travelers than it is now. Pre-Euro, the exchange rate was so favorable that dollars, pounds, German marks, etc stretched much further than they do today. The five dollar cab ride from the airport would have been quite usual.

Somebody asked me the other day why Juliette wore heels to the Duty Train. This chapter might help explain. Fierce fashion is how Juliette rolls. She can’t blend in. She can’t fade into the background — ever. She’s well over 6 feet tall, she’s Black in a world where that’s highly unusual, and she’s strikingly beautiful. So, rather than try to dress down, she always dresses to kill. She figures that if people are going to stare at her, she’s going to give them something to stare at.

I based the Juliette character on a friend of mine I served with in Berlin. While the fictional character is different in important ways, she shares her fashion sense with my real-life friend.

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