Speaking of people Christians oppress, it’s interesting to me that you didn’t mention anything about LGBTQ people in this article. Why not? You don’t feel like repenting about that? The Trump movement, especially the Christians he needed to gain power, treats LGBTQ people terribly. Trump became president in large part because so many Christians are awful people who brand LGBTQ people as sinners.

Throughout the Trump administration, Christian publications have overflowed with exhortations from ministers urging people to support Trump for reasons that have everything to do with oppressing LGBTQ people.

Trump pandered to those Christians during every moment of his presidency, working to oppress LGBTQ people with executive orders and regulations. His administration has been the worst ever in terms of stopping LGBTQ equality and ramping up oppression.

His Christian supporters reacted with violent enthusiasm. Anti-LGBTQ violence in the United States skyrocketed during the Trump administration, in a statistical surge that cannot be coincidental.

In case you missed it, just before the mob stormed the capitol building, Donald Trump Jr whipped up the crowd with a little old fashioned anti-LGBTQ hatred — directed to Christians.

The day AFTER the insurrection, Trump’s people finalized a rule that lets Christian child-care agencies refuse to place kids with LGBTQ parents or parents of other religions. One such agency (the largest child-care agency in South Carolina) already refuses to work with Jews or LGBTQ people. The “good Christians” who run that agency sparked Trump’s new regulation to protect them from the legal consequences of their oppressive hatred and shocking inhumanity.

This isn’t out of the ordinary with Christians and Trump. It’s one small example of the horrors Christians have partnered with Trump to impose.

So what about you? Do you repent from Christian judgment of LGBTQ people? Do you renounce and denounce Christians theology that brands LGBTQ people sinners? Or do you join the vast majority of Christians in the United States who insist on treating us as scapegoats?

Going by your silence, I am deeply suspicious.

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