Some of those tens of millions of people are my extended family in Ohio, which went for Trump despite initial hopes on election night. Thank you so much for pointing out that people like my family genuinely believe nobody is listening to them.

I spent election week thinking about them and all the tens of millions of Americans who are much worse off now than they were a generation or two ago. Am I horrified my family voted for a white supremacist? Of course I am. Do I make excuses for them? I do not.

I do recognize, however, that unless we as a nation do something to restore the prosperity of the working and middle classes, we face the rise of more Trumps, probably in the persons of politicians who are smarter and more capable than the original.

I wrote this thought/heart piece to express my fears and try to reach people with a message that the time to act is now. I apologize for linking to it under your own excellent article, but perhaps exigency may pardon lack of courtesy just this once.

Keep up your wonderful work.

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