So you need to see the daily work that I do, Bebe Nicholson. I double dog DARE you to read this. I fight the toxic effects of Christianity every day of my life. I’m joined by some actual decent and loving Christians like Emily Swan, Ken Wilson, Done with Religion, Esther Spurrill-Jones, and others.

I will ALWAYS stand up for oppressed and the suffering. I will NEVER EVER tolerate the bullshit that Christianity rains down on innocent people. The fact that you urge such tolerance says something horrifying about you as a human being. Shame on you, Bebe. SHAME!

You talk of love, but when you urge people to tolerate evil, you demonstrate with crystal clarity that you haven’t the slightest working knowledge of what that word means.

People who love are people like me who fight evil and suffering.

People who hate are people like you who urge tolerance.