Sigh. I speak and read several languages and I have spent decades passionately studying history — because I’m interested. Along the way I have come to learn that abortion (and even infantacide) were common in the Hellenized world Jesus, Peter, and Paul inhabited. As the principal founders of Christianity, none of them said anything about abortion. At all.

Do you suppose maybe they didn’t care? That would seem like a logical supposition.

I won’t even get into all the debates about homosexuality, but given it was incredibly common in the Hellenized Mediterranean, you’d think if it were so horrible, some Christian founder would have been really clear about opposing it. But instead, all we get are hazy texts that don’t use the popular vernacular of the day. We have a hard time translating them because they don’t use words that were popular at the time.

Weird, eh?

So I wonder about the veracity and honesty of people who call these things foundational. If they aren’t actually lying, they are being intentionally ignorant.

And that’s something Jesus condemned actually clearly.

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