Roman Catholic views on sexuality are deeply broken and cause great harm to people all over the world. Did you know that in africa, the Roman Catholic church has spent literally millions of dollars fighting to stop condom distribution to people at risk for HIV and AIDS?

The church can pontificate about intrinsic evil all they want but that’s the most evil thing I’ve heard of.

In the United States, the Roman Catholic Church spends a fortune to fight for laws to persecute LGBTQ people.

Fortunately, here people are deserting the church in droves, disgusted by that kind of blatant evil.

But that’s not to say that one has to stop being a Christian. Many Christian churches disavow the extraordinary evil of the Roman Catholic Church. It is more than possible to worship at a church that does not promote evil.

Here in the United states, for example, the Episcopalian Church in the United Methodist Church are excellent choices.

There are many more.

Nobody needs to choose Roman Catholicism.

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