Ready for the next chapter of David and the Lion’s Den?

The storyline is starting to shape up! David is working on a huge new artistic project. But isn’t it a little distasteful? Through hints that keep dropping in the narrative, we get the idea that David’s paintings eventually gain fame or at least notoriety.

But first, David and Howie have a important trip to take — up to Spanish Harlem. Why is David so nervous about it?

The meals Howie and David are delivering to people living with HIV and AIDS are provided by a charity I’ve based on a real life organization called God’s Love We Deliver. The friend I based fictional Howie on volunteered for them in the 90s in much the same way he does in the story.

HIV testing in in the 80 and through most of the 90s was often feared. Without effective treatment, knowing your HIV status wasn’t necessarily helpful. Stigma was severe, so most people who got tested did it through anonymous testing clinics like the one I’ve described in this chapter.

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