Outstanding illustration of the problems we face in this country, Hal. Minority rule has become so entrenched I think many of us have come to accept it as an ordinary evil.

Just part of life.

I think maybe I notice it only because I have been an LGBTQ advocate for much of my life. I notice it because of how incredibly difficult it is to pass laws and initiatives to enforce the fairness and equality most Americans already support.

It’s only so hard because the Republicans have a minority stranglehold on the political system.

They use it to battle against women’s reproductive freedom, to keep ramping up a war on drugs that puts Black men behind bars in shocking numbers, and keeps us LGBTQ people second-class citizens in our own nation.

Black trans women have targets on their backs, and the Republicans work their asses off to keep it that way.

We have to work to disempower the minority syndicate you describe. None of us will be free until that happens.

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