Our vote-counting process is so decentralized and spread out across the 50 different states that it’s difficult to see how poll rigging would even be practically possible. If it were to happen it would have to be one of those conspiracies so enormous in magnitude it would be impossible to hide. Because, you know, people talk.

They always talk.

Americans in politics can’t keep secrets, not even little tiny ones.

Years ago, when I was trying to convince my friend’s brother that flat earth conspiracies are baseless, I used that argument. How could hundreds of nations on earth, I asked him, have successfully hidden the fact that a great ice wall surrounds all of us and that the space program is a mock-up?

It would take at least thousands of people to pull off a conspiracy like that even halfway convincingly. And not one of them has talked? Not one of them has leaked evidence? Are you kidding me?

If any kind of organized conspiracy to steal the election actually existed, we’d already know about it.

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