New serial alert!

Brad was an Act Up hero, my best friend and occasional lover a very long time ago. Sometimes at night when the it’s very, very quiet, I talk to his ghost.

To my enormous surprise, the COVID-19 crisis has kick-started me into telling Brad’s story. Because he died so young, in a pandemic the world didn’t care about.

I’m tagging you guys in this comment because you read Moon over Berlin with all of Ian and Dima’s adventures. Many of you asked me to tip you off to my next serialized project.

So here you go —

I won’t be tagging from this list again

I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you enjoy this story, let me know, and I’ll be building a new tag list for people who want to keep up with Brad.

By the way, his story is true even though I’m fictionalizing dialogue and minor details. It READS like fiction, and in my humble opinion, it’s suspenseful and entertaining. And TOTALLY different in style from Moon Over. I think you’ll enjoy it as a piece of art, which is how I offer it to you.


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