New Brad Chapter: Pneumonia and Cleopatra

In this chapter, we learn Brad has been trying all along to repair his relationship with his mom. His boyfriend is dying of AIDS, friends falling ill one by one. Searching for love and purpose is a full time job he isn’t sure he’s up to.

Classic movies may give him some ideas.

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Author’s Notes —

Claudette Colbert was one of those divas gay men of a certain age gushed about back in the day. I don’t think she’s such an icon now, but Lenny adored her. His VHS collection was, I think, exhaustive.

Lenny was generous, by the way, but personally very frugal. For him, taking a cab was an act of extreme luxury. Just one of his quirks. I think most bus drivers in NYC knew him!

What really got my attention that night, therefore, was when Brad told me Lenny sprang for a cab for the ride home from St. Vincent’s. The 7th Avenue subway was just a short hop from the ER entrance and would have landed them outside our apartment in mere minutes.

I’m building a tag list to include people who’ve told me they want updates on this series or who have read the first chapters. If you don’t want a tag, please just let me know in a comment or email me at I’ll cheerfully remove you from the list.

— Jim

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