My late partner was diabetic, and back in the 90s diabetes supplies were so inexpensive we barely counted the cost.

His test strips and insulin did not put a dent in our budget, and we were not wealthy.

In most industrialized nations other than the United States, inexpensive diabetes supplies are the rule. And why not? Insulin is very inexpensive to produce and so are test strips. Pharmaceuticals can make a reasonable profit without charging through the roof.

But the cost of healthcare in general in the United States is totally out of control. Prices have inflated slowly and gradually enough that we’re generally not aware of how bad things have become.

Diabetes is one area where we DO see it because the consequences are, as you mentioned, so dire.

It’s time to take back the cost of healthcare. We must have a single-payer system that holds pharmaceuticals and service providers accountable for the prices they charge.

There is no reason why the United States should have the most expensive health care in the world with some of the least effective results.

And it’s unconscionable that people’s very lives should be at risk due to inexpensive medical supplies sold at ridiculous markups.

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