“Much more than allyship” is such an important concept right now. I have been working hard for years to raise awareness about how members of gender and sexual minorities in the United States suffer from marginalization and even active persecution.

No matter who wins the election today, things are going to get worse for LGBTQ people, especially for those with intersecting marginalized identities. There is a little question that the Supreme Court is going to reduce Constitutional protections.

There is little doubt that backlash is going to continue in parts of the country where conservatives and Trumpists have made LGBTQ folks whipping people.

More kids are going to get bullied in school. More teens and young adults are going to find themselves on the streets. Access to social resources will continue to decline. Access to justice from the court system will become less and less meaningful.

All of this is going to happen.

The question is, what do we do about it? How do we strengthen our networks and engage our allies to work to make meaningful change on the ground?

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