‘Moon Over’ Chapter: Classic love and classic quarrel

A visit to the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum sets both Juliette’s and Dima’s thoughts racing in directions the others don’t understand. Sophocles, Euripides, and a Sacred Band of lover-soldiers run between the lines of this chapter. Will they push Ian and Dima apart?

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Author’s Notes:

My own reaction to the Acropolis found its way into this chapter. Like Mark, I found the temples and other structures much bigger than I expected. The scale drove home for me that the ancient Greeks often built temples on a massive scale in order to demonstrate the insignificance of humans compared to the divine.

Besides the Acropolis, which is an obvious must for anyone visiting Greece, the National Archeological Museum in Athens is a stunning “must see.” Their collection of ancient statuary and pottery is unrivaled by any other institution in the world. To find oneself inches from a bronze or marble sculpted millenia ago and to read the expressions in those lifelike faces is for me an extraordinary spiritual connection with the past. The first time I visited, my friends had to almost drag me out. Only the call of Ouzo in Constitution Square convinced me to leave!

Acropolis, Athens, with the Parthenon in focus at the top

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