Moon Over chapter alert: Ian and Dima meet!

Remember General Borin in the Russian fighter jet? Ian intercepted him during combat drills, and we “heard” Borin musing to himself about uprooting his son Dima from Leningrad. He seemed worried about trauma his boy had lived through. Now? Looks like Ian is meeting Dima. Wild coincidence? Sure. But you know what? Check out the author notes just below, because this actually happened. TO ME.

Green Week was one of West Berlin’s biggest festivals, and still is in the unified city. As a newly minted intel officer, Green Week was my first foray into German culture. I’ve drawn much of this chapter from memory, adapting it from a short story I wrote years ago. That story is the seed this novel grew from. The amazing part? This really happened! I DID meet the son of a senior Soviet commander, and the air really did crackle with sexual tension. How could I NOT dream that meeting into a novel?

OK, so this is actually a fairly recent photo of Munich’s Oktoberfest, but you get the idea

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