Moon Over Berlin chapter alert! Things are tense.

Is Borin really going to kill Peltsin? Will he do it with his own hands or will he have his driver do it? How will the general handle the shock of his son’s apparent defection?

Speaking of shock, Dima may be experiencing culture shock, but Ian seems oblivious. Will things spiral out of control now that Dima has “crossed the Rubicon?”

Author’s note:

Check out Ian’s bemused reaction to Dima’s sleepwear. In 1989, boxer shorts were out. Younger readers might be amused to note that the height of fashion in male underwear then would have been white briefs by Calvin Klein. “Tighty whities” by Hanes, BVD, and Fruit of the Looms were ordinary young men’s wear, though fashion briefs in assorted colors were beginning to become popular.

Anyone wearing boxer shorts would have been considered hopelessly out of date and probably even a fashion disaster.

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