‘Moon Over’ Alert: The last chapter

Ian and Dima sit at cafes across the Mediterranean from one another, mourning the end of their love. But will Dima’s family help them believe something is beginning rather than finishing? This is the last chapter, but it’s not the end of their story.

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Author’s Notes:

So ends this novel.

I’ve tried to mine my experiences living in Cold War Berlin and traveling in Greece to lend authenticity and local flavor to the tale. When I sat down to start writing about 10 years ago, I intended to also mine my experiences traveling in northern Africa and the Middle East. The story rapidly grew too large for that, however.

It’s already too long.

But who knows. Perhaps one day, I will write a sequel exploring Dima’s and Borin’s life after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is only weeks in the future from the perspective of the end of this chapter.

For the moment, however, my literary agent has me rewriting yet again. She wants it all in first person, alternating from each major character’s perspective. I hated the idea at first, but I’ve already treated the first 5 chapters that way, and it’s working out really well. She also wants three or four complete chapters set in the military academy Borin, Ahmed, and Arkady attended. (And a sex scene! lol)

Unless I cut heavily, we’re already looking at two books instead of one.

Just remember, you saw it here on Medium first. :-)

Thank you, dear readers, for sticking through this beta process to the end, and for giving me the courage and the cheer to stick with the project. I appreciate you all more than you can know!

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