‘Moon Over’ Alert: The crystal falls

Ian, Dima, a crystal cascade, and and an eerie swim with a wild ending. This chapter of ‘Moon over Berlin’ is a little sexy and a little spooky. It’s also a window on the most beautiful bit of nature I’ve ever seen!

I wasn’t sure if I should include this scene in the novel. I mean, it doesn’t really drive the story, and it might be a bit self indulgent. I could have moved the foreshadowing omen to a couple paragraphs set at the hotel pool. And I could also have moved the very important conversion coming up in the next chapter.

But … when the real “Constantine” drove us in his battered old Land Rover to that mirrored pool in an isolated corner of dessicated Ios, he engraved a permanent memory of joy into my neural circuits. Whether I’ve done the job or not, I couldn’t help trying to share it with you.

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