‘Moon Over’ Alert: Sun, Sauna, and Inner Life

Dima has wormed himself into the lives and hearts of Ian, Juliette, and Mark. When the foursome visit a glass-domed winter paradise, more gets exposed than just naked skin. Juliette is learning a lot about Dima’s inner life, but will Ian ever let her in?

Ian’s reaction to the casual nudity at Das Blub mirrors my own when I first encountered German attitudes toward sun bathing and beaches. It took me a long time to get used to different customs.

Das Blub is (was) a real place, though I’m afraid my illustration in the text of the story isn’t accurate. While the image I chose looks a BIT like Das Blub, the real thing wasn’t quite as grand. But it was lovely, and I spent many happy winter afternoons there baking and soaking myself against damp and chill.

The spa was closed a few years ago amid some sort of public health scandal, and last year when I was working on an earlier draft of Moon Over, I found photos of the abandoned structure. I’m afraid my heart broke a little bit.

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