‘Moon Over’ Alert: Shoe leather and shepherd boy

“People are going to remember three young American men traveling a ridiculously tall African woman,” says KGB officer Makharov to Dima’s dad. He hot on the trail!

Meanwhile, Ian and Dima flirt and connect with the awe of Greek present and past as a shepherd boy pipes a tune that makes Juliette bust up with laughter.

Anyone who frequented Mykonos in the 80s has a chance of recognizing the haughty poodle in this chapter. He was the pampered pet of an artisan and shop owner on the island, a regal sight to behold. He had the run of Mykonos, coming and going as he pleased, popping up in the most unexpected places. I’m fairly sure the diamonds in his collar were not real. But one never knows!

The walk over the top of the island and the encounter with the pipe-playing shepherd boy comes from real life. I can’t remember what tune he was actually playing, but it was something contemporary and completely incongruous for a traditional Greek pipe. The real Juliette literally rolled on the ground laughing. My comment to her was, “What? He’s wearing Adidas shorts, not a chiton. It’s not THAT funny.” She told me to shut up. ;-)

Actual photo of the Mykonos beach featuring in this chapter

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