‘Moon Over’ Alert: Scatter!

Ocean waves stole Ian and Dima’s clothes. Mark and a billy goat are stealing tomatoes. A KGB officer is careening about Santorini to snatch Juliette. ‘Moon over Berlin’ is going a little mad!

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Author’s Notes:

Backgammon and gritty Greek coffee! I don’t know if Juliette is going to enjoy a tiny cup of syrupy java with Niko, but if you’ve never had Greek or Turkish coffee, it’s an incredible treat. Italian espresso is perhaps more refined and a higher elevation of coffee as art, but something about Greek coffee is deeply satisfying.

Perhaps it reminds me of sun, wind, Greek islands and memories of immortal youth.

They say goats will eat anything. As a child, I had a pet goat who looked very much like the beauty below. I never tried him on coffee, but I bet he would have chewed up grounds without hesitation.

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