‘Moon Over’ Alert: Racing to the Rescue

Russian teen Dima and his American lover Ian are hiding out on Santorini, unaware Dima’s Soviet-general father is rushing to find them. All the characters are coming together. Get set for a thrilling conclusion!

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Author’s Notes:

Borin probably won’t notice, being a fighter pilot and necessarily resistant to motion sickness, but the Mediterranean is not always a pleasant place to journey by yacht. Wind and waves are often fierce, and my own experiences have sometimes involved hanging over rails and praying my stomach would stop turning inside out.

The huge inter-island ferries are one thing. They’re big enough that rolling over waves is less pronounced. But once you board a smaller craft on the Med, you face an important question. Are you a sea person or not? I am not!

Oh, and on to more pleasant subjects, have you ever woken up and suddenly just KNEW the solution to a problem you’ve been chewing on? That’s a fairly common phenomenon. Looks like Juliette is going through it. Interestingly, I have been very unhappy with the last sentence of this novel. I woke up a couple days ago, and a perfect sentence popped into my head. I think it works. Before long, you can let me know if I’m right!

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