‘Moon Over’ Alert: Love and self image

With Ian’s help, Dima has finally escaped East Berlin, and seems to have at least a 50/50 chance of success fleeing to extended family in Libya. But that means separation for the two young lovers. How will Ian deal with loss of first love?

Juliette and Mark seem to be as deeply worried about Ian as I was writing the first draft. In this chapter, we peek in on their hopes and fear — not only about Ian and Dima, but about themselves.

I struggled to find a photo to illustrate this chapter. I wanted a picture of Juliette, but a couple hours of searching got me nowhere. When I saw this one, my jaw dropped. The woman in the photo could almost be “Juliette,” so close is her resemblance.

The woman I based Juliette on really did say that the water off Mykonos was like Perrier. We really did hang out on half submerged rocks ringing the bay. She even convinced me to sunbathe nude on those rocks. I was never brave enough to do that on the beach proper, even though most everybody else did.

Juliette’s musings about Martha’s Vineyard also come from the real woman I modeled her on. Daughter of wealthy Kenyan immigrants, she resented her parents for constantly thrusting her into social situations where she felt rejected because of her race. She also resented them for not seeing it.

Pretty good illustration of the Mykonos beach in this chapter

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