‘Moon Over’ Alert: Love and plotting

“Ian hesitated, but the words slid from between his lips almost on their own. ‘Of course I love you.’”

The boys are getting serious. But time is short, and the KGB is still on their heels!

Destiny looms.

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Author’s Notes:

Birdsong and a sun that refused to still its course. I plumbed my own memories for the opening of this chapter. I was younger than Ian, probably younger than Dima, when the sun saddened me by insisting on rising and spoiling the magic of youthful love. I’ve never forgotten that night, and I’ve always wanted to paint impressions of its endings.

My travels in the Maghreb and the Levant as a young Air Force officer were both foolish and reckless — not to mention probably very much in violation of all sorts of rules. I’m dipping into my memories of those days only a little for this novel. Perhaps I’ll write something more focused one day. The homoerotic elements of those cultures are much more pronounced than many people understand.

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