‘Moon Over’ Alert: Donkeys and Volcanos

Looks like Ian might be taking Juliette’s talk to heart. Now that the gang has made it to Santorini, he seems less sexually repressed around Dima. But after a frightening donkey ride up a sheer cliff, Juliette is kicking herself. She’s pissed she screwed up security again, and Borin agrees!

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Author’s Notes:

Dima’s observations about timelessness and copper-colored hair match my own. Nobody knows what the ancient Greeks looked like exactly. Statuary only gives us an idealized glimpse of the ruling elite. But sometimes while traveling in Greece, especially in the islands, one encounters a young man or woman with copper hair and cheekbones that look as if they were lifted straight out of the Golden Age of Athens. When I was Ian’s age, encountering timeless glimpses of history filled me with a sense of impossible romance and wonder.

Aerial photo of Santorini

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