‘Moon Over’ Alert: Disguises and tearoom cruising!

Dima’s in love with an American and burdened by his family’s part in Soviet power struggles. He’s not defecting, but he is escaping, starting right now with this chapter. Peltsin’s plotting, Ian is arranging disguises, and Berlin’s gay demi-monde might just give our young couple a heart attack!

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Author’s Notes:

The men’s room in the entrance of Berlin’s Tempelhof subway station had quite a reputation in the 80s. More than a few American airmen used it as a convenient place to meet German men interested in sex. I didn’t realize that until one night in the mid 80s when nature called rather urgently; I found myself in the middle of a cruising scene. I may have been as startled as Ian and Dima, but certainly not as frightened. Also, while the place had a sort of hustler’s reputation, I never witnessed that personally. For all I know, the rumor may not have been true. But given a hook for a funny line, I went with it.

This excellent photo certainly brings back memories of the Tempelhof station. The restroom was just up the stairs and to the right.

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