‘Moon Over’ Alert: Coming Together.

American Air Force officer Ian loves Dima, the son of a Soviet General. The Berlin Wall keeps them apart, but now Dima is packing a bag and remembering childhood treasures. Everything is about to change! But has the pair considered what will happen to the strength of their feelings if they spend even more time together?

One of my Russian teachers owned a collection of Soviet-era books for teenagers and children. He encouraged me to read them so I could better understand Russian thinking. While the stories in the books weren’t all that familiar to me, the themes were. Adventure, war, exploration, selfless love and sacrifice, courage.

With different names and details (not to mention language!) the books Professor Borin gave me to read were very much the same as the ones that thrilled and inspired me as a child. Even the common themes of unquestioning patriotism felt the same. Those books influenced me strongly as I created Dima’s character.

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